New Placement

What happens when a foster parent gets a new placement?

Must dos:

◾️ Take to a doctor’s appointment within 72 hours

◾️ Schedule a psych exam

◾️Schedule a dentist appointment (and any additional doctor’s appointments needed)

◾️ Enroll in school or daycare

◾️ Schedule caseworker visits within the first 24-48 hours

◾️ Meet with WIC if child is under 5

◾️ Setup visits with biological parents within the first week

◾️ If sibling groups are not placed together, schedule sibling meetings

◾️ Get clothing/shoes/backpack/toothbrushes/hygiene products

Depending on the child placed and what the foster parent has at home they may need to:

◾️ Rearrange bedrooms

◾️ Get new bedding

◾️ Get formula, baby food or specific food the child needs

◾️ Get toys

The first few weeks of receiving a new placement are a whirlwind. This is a great time to support and uplift foster families. Simple things like offering to run errands, taking the family a meal or helping with biological/adopted children are a great way to help. We may not all be called to foster, but we can all impact the foster community.


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