Meet Charli

Our sweet October Child of the Month is Charli:

In late June 2017 we received a call asking if we would be interested in accepting the placement of an 8 month old baby girl. As the mom of two boys and 1 foster son, I was selfishly dying for some girl time. We soon received a second call advising that our soon to be foster daughter was being hospitalized for seizures. Of course this didn’t change anything for us. We felt like this was exactly what God had been preparing and training us for. I had grown up with a younger sister with a seizure disorder and my husband had worked with special needs adults, including one who had also been diagnosed with epilepsy. She continued to have seizures periodically after she was placed with us. All this time her bio mom conquered every request CPS placed in front of her which left a selfish ache in our guts. Her case went on for 18 months, 9 of those while she was in our home. I walked into court on April 14th, 2018 knowing we would have to make peace with our daughter leaving us. Upon her mom’s arrival to court, she and her attorney asked to speak with me. I walked into the hallway of the courthouse to a mom with tears streaming down her face. She had come to court asking to relinquish her rights so Charli could stay where she was. She asked us to let her daughter know she loved her very much and was hoping to create a visitation settlement with us. We were blessed by her ability to do what her heart thought was the right thing for her child.
We adopted our beautiful, sassy princess on June 1st (11 months after receiving placement) and she’s been Queen of our house since the day she crawled in!

– By Heather Buchanan

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